Thanks Diane for guiding us on the Italian lakes trip - really enjoyable and interesting bunch of people too      Jill

Italy was a fantastic trip, I was just thinking about it today. Isola Bella with the amazing palace and gardens and white peacocks      Susan W

Such a great trip Diane       Susan L

Thank you Diane, beautiful and memorable experience, all credit to you. Many thanks.    Ata

I am so looking forward to our next trip. Awesome places with wonderful people!    Susan M

What a great time we had in Mexico and Cuba. Fantastic destinations, great company. Well done Di and we look forward to joining you again!   Cecilia

Thank you Diane for organising another stress free holiday to Hawaii. You are a brilliant travel organiser, I can't say thank you enough. You seriously are brilliant in covering all our needs. I can't praise you enough for your work you do. Thank you!    Tamsin

Thank you Medical Tours Australia for organising a great conference with excellent speakers and wonderful delegates!    Jennifer C

Thanks for organising such a fabulous trip through Spain & Morocco        Vani    

Thank you for a great trip. Lovely memories        Brenda

I would like to thank Medical Tours Australia for the wonderful trip they planned for us at Castaway Island Fiji. You took the stress out of everything which made our trip enjoyable. There were no unexpected surprises, all went smoothly and planed extremely well. I can not thank you enough     Tamsin