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Adrift in the North Atlantic Sea, a different world lingers, a place like no other on earth. An idyllic escape & unfathomable beauty peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands & waterfalls plunging directly into the ocean. The 18 jagged volcanic islands which make up the Faroes, resemble a handful of rocks scattered haphazardly in the deep ocean. Home to mountains of myth, hobbit-like turf-roofed houses & grazing shaggy sheep, these islands make up the perfect playground for the senses



09 - 15 JUNE

B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner



Wednesday 09
This morning we fly to the Faroe Islands, also a Danish territory. We'll have a quick stop for a photo at Mulafossur Waterfall, then onto Gasadalur for lunch before travelling to Torshavn - the Faroes capital city - on the island of Streymoy. You'll enjoy a stroll through the old part of Torshavn, crammed with wooden turf-roofed houses on a small peninsula & the world’s oldest parliament Tinganes. We'll walk to Fort Skansin - built in 1580 - and onto the charming area around the marina with cafes & shops. Tonight we'll have our welcome dinner at a restaurant in the old part of Torshavn      BLD
Thursday 10
Today we visit the Northern Islands of Bordoy, Vidoy & Kunoy where the mountains are high & steep. Along the way we'll stop for photos & enjoy some walks. We also travel to the northern part of Eysturoy (East Island) to see the villages of Gjogv (known for its beautiful 200 metre long gorge that runs from the village to the ocean) & Funningur (who according to legend is the oldest village in the Faroessitting at the foot of the highest mountain with its church one of the 10 oldest wooden churches on the islands). We'll have lunch in Klaksvik, the fisheries capital of the Faroes      BL
Friday 11
The morning is free to explore Torshavn on your own - visit a museum, shop or take more photos of this cute town. We drive down to Kirkjubour in the afternoon, the southernmost village on Streymoy Island & notable as the historical & cultural hub for Faroese history. You'll see the ruins of St Magnus Cathedral, begun around 1300 but never completed & is the largest medieval building in the islands; the charming white St Olav's Church dating from the 12th century & still in use today & Kirkjuoargardur, one of - if not the oldest - inhabited wooden houses in the world. Dating back to the 11th century, it was initially used as the episcopal residence & seminary of the Diocese of the Faroe Islands. The current occupants have been there since 1550 & are the 17th generation! A family member will invite us in for coffee/tea & cake. We travel onto Velbastadur to enjoy an authentic & intimate dinner experience - with views - at farmers Anna & Oli's home. In addition to being served delicious homemade Faroese food, you will also hear interesting stories from the farm & their life in the Faroe Islands. Anna and Oli’s skills in the kitchen go beyond an ordinary meal, you'll be served a gourmet meal including lamb raised on their own farm as the main course      BD
Saturday 12
We travel to central Streymoy & take a boat to the Vestmanna bird cliffs, the steep cliffs that are home to thousands of seabirds, including puffins, fulmars, guillemots & kittewakes. From the town’s harbour we'll navigate the narrow straits & grottoes, into caves & cruise close to the almost 2,000 foot high vertical cliffs. After lunch in Vestmanna, we'll go to northern Streymoy to visit the villages of Saksun & Tjornuvik. The remote hillside village of Saksun lies on the shores of a tranquil turquoise lagoon cradled by rugged fjords. The enchanting village has 14 inhabitants, loads of grazing sheep, grass-roof houses & a picturesque church. The drive into the village is incredibly captivating as you wind through a valley floor passing waterfalls & beautiful vistas. Tjornuvík is the northernmost village on Streymoy & nestled in a deep valley with no other villages in sight. It has a direct view of the sea stacks Risin & Kellingin      BL

Sunday 13

Our full day tour takes us to the westernmost island of Mykines, known for the stunning landscape & it's magnificent rich bird life - gannets, cormorants, razorbills, fulmars, storm petrels, kittiwakes & hundreds of puffins gallivanting around & nestling in burrows in the clifftops. Firstly we travel to the island of Vagar to catch a boat to Mykines, viewing the spectacular islets of Tindhomlur & Drangarnir along the way. Upon arrival on the island, we'll hike to Mykines islet with views of rolling hills & precipitous cliffs & tremendous views of the ocean & other islands. This is a slightly challenging route where you will walk close to the cliff edge. You will be crossing a 50m high footbridge that connects Mykines Island to the islet. It is especially the puffins & the large gannet colony that attracts, but you may also get lucky & see some seals close to shore or some whales swimming by. We take the ferry back to Vagar island & stay overnight      BLD



Monday 14

On our last day in the Faroes we'll travel to the village of Midvagur & start an easy & beautiful hike to Traelanípan (Slave Mountain), a perpendicular rock wall that juts 142m upwards out of the sea. It’s said that it has gotten its name from the Viking Age when slaves were pushed off the mountain. From Traelanípan you can see the southernmost part of Streymoy, Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skuvoy & Suduroy as well as view spectacular Lake Leitisvatn, the largest lake in the Faroes. It gives the appearance it's hanging over the ocean but it's just one waterfall cascading over the edge. After this wonderful view, we head to the airport & fly back to Copenhagen. Overnight at the Clarion Airport Hotel      B



Tuesday 15                                                                                                                                                                                                     

It's a leisurely morning before flying home, arrival back into Australia is Wednesday 16th      B


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