Immerse yourself completely in this unique world. The world’s largest island is strikingly beautiful, a land of massive ice formations, deep-blue fjords & lush pastures. It's also blessed with unique flora & fauna, the midnight sun, northern lights & the distinctive Inuit culture                                              




B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner



Monday 31

Depart Australia in the evening with Emirates

Tuesday 01
Arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark in the afternoon & stay overnight at the Clarion Airport Hotel
Wednesday 02
Today we fly to Greenland. You’ll see lovely scenery out the window on the flight & our final destination is the town of Ilulissat (meaning icebergs) on the west coast for 5 nights. On arrival, it’s a short drive to our hotel & the rest of the afternoon is at leisure. The view of the icebergs in Disko Bay from the hotel’s deck will be a nice introduction to what’s in store for the week. This evening you’ll meet other delegates at our welcome dinner        BLD                    


Thursday 03
Morning conference sessions with a coffee break & lunch
The afternoon is spent cruising through the icebergs on picturesque Disko Bay. During one year, more than 48 km2 of ice flows into the fjord. The result are gigantic icebergs, which can be more than 100 mtrs on each side & with a height of more than 100 mtrs above the water surface. These giants stand at the end of the fjord & that gives us the opportunity to sail among them. There’s also the chance to see the humpback, minke & fin whales that call Ilulissat home in summer. Coffee & tea is provided while cruising        BLD

Friday 04
Morning conference sessions with a coffee break & lunch
The Ilulissat Icefjord is an incredible sight & you’ll see this UNESCO World Heritage Site this afternoon on our Sermermiut Settlement walk, south of Ilulissat. The icebergs you see in Disko Bay have calved from this 994,000 acre Icefjord. For 4000 years, different Inuit cultures lived in the settlement. It’s an easy 1.6km hike along a wooden boardwalk & the guide will tell stories about the Inuit people’s life & traditions before the Europeans arrived in Greenland. See turf hut ruins & touch the permafrost with your own hands. At the Nakkaavik viewpoint, enjoy tea or coffee while taking in the amazing view over the Icefjord 
After dinner you’re in for a treat when we go midnight sun sailing. The icebergs are beautiful in every kind of weather. In sunshine the contrasts are very clear, the blue shades are seen best when it is cloudy but sailing during the night with the sun shining is a fantastic experience, giving the icebergs a unique play of colours        BLD
Saturday 05
Our full day tour by boat takes us to the beautiful Eqi Glacier, which ends in the fjord 80 kms north of Ilulissat. It is possible to get close to the glacier & experience calving. The sounds are enormous & the sight of the icebergs crashing into the water is breathtaking. The route goes along the coast passing the settlement of Oqaatsut & the big fjord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals are often seen. Further on through the Ataa Strait - which is surrounded by steep mountains – you’ll see bird life & waterfalls. We will stay in front of the glacier for approx. 2 hours & wait for ice to calve, while a delicious lunch is served        BLD

Sunday 06 
Morning conference sessions with a coffee break & lunch
The afternoon is free to explore the town of Ilulissat; visit the Arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen’s museum; do some more hiking; kayak around the icebergs or take a helicopter ride over Ilulissat Glacier spanning 7kms wide        BLD
Monday 07
We leave Ilulissat today & fly to Kangerlussuaq for an afternoon adventure to the Greenland Ice Sheet. The Ice Sheet is a fantastic natural formation, developed over millions of years as layers of compacted snow, ice, gasses, dust & water accumulated. Although the landscape appears to be a frozen mass that has stood unchanged for eons, the 1.71 million km² Ice Sheet is active. With an average thickness of 2-3 kms, the immense weight continues to push the ice outward toward the sea, which is why this inland ice sheet can also be seen along much of Greenland’s coast. We travel in a 4WD vehicle over a bumpy dirt road & enter a stunning landscape of mountains, plains, semi-desert valleys, turquoise meltwater rivers, fertile moor, dense scrub with sandy dunes & barren mountain slopes. There’s the chance to see reindeer & muskox along the way. At the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet, the glacial foothills stretch from north to south as far as the eye can see & you'll have the opportunity to walk onto the ice sheet, definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. On our return to town, we’ll stop for tea & coffee at Reindeer Glacier & tonight our farewell dinner will be at a local restaurant        BLD
Tuesday 08
Our Greenlandic adventure comes to an end when we fly back to Copenhagen. Overnight at the Clarion Airport Hotel        B
Wednesday 09
Depart Copenhagen with Emirates & arrive back into Australia on 10 June OR join Medical Tours Australia’s Faroe Islands post conference tour. Alternatively, we can arrange a Copenhagen package for you to spend a couple of days seeing this beautiful city        B
Dr Simon Hosking - Dermatology & Skin Cancer
Dr Antony Milch - Psychiatry
A/Prof Catherine O'Connor - Sexual Health 
Dr Amanda Smith - Medical Tourism
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