Iceland Pre-Conference Tour


Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist. Where dark winters are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. A country where insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture





 24 MAY-02 JUNE

                                                              B = Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner


MAY 2020

SUN   24                                                                                                                                                Depart Australia in the evening with Emirates

MON  25                                                                                                                                                Arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark in the afternoon & stay overnight at the Clarion Airport Hotel

TUE   26                                                                                                                    BLD                            This morning we fly to Iceland then travel to Pingvellir National Park, a remarkable geological phenomena & the most important historical site in Iceland. Pingvellir - situated by the biggest lake in Iceland - is the site of the world's oldest democratic parliament founded in the year 930. The beautiful canyon running through the park is actually the meeting point of two of the earth’s tectonic plates (which you'll walk between) & the area’s combination of natural phenomena & historical significance is why the site is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We’ll visit the Geysir hot springs where you’ll see the famous geyser ‘Strokkur’ that spouts every few minutes, shooting a column of piping hot water up to 20m. After lunch we travel to Gullfoss waterfall, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe where you’ll see thousands of tons of water thunder majestically down in a double-fall into a deep gorge




WED  27                                                                                                                     BL                          Our first stop today is to admire Seljalandsfoss waterfall at 60 mtrs high. With a footpath behind it at the bottom of the cliff, it’s a unique opportunity to walk behind it. We continue onto Skogafoss waterfall, where this 62m high waterfall topples over a rocky cliff in dramatic style. Climb the staircase alongside it for giddy views or walk to the foot of the falls, shrouded in sheets of mist & rainbows. Our last stop is Reynisfjara, a black pebble beach which features an amazing cliff of basalt columns resembling a rocky step pyramid & out in the sea are spectacularly shaped basalt sea stacks. We travel onto our hotel via Skaftafell, a wilderness area in Iceland's Vatnajokull National Park    





THU   28                                                                                                                   BLD                            It's a great start to the day at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon & Diamond Beach, one of Iceland's natural crown jewels. Glacier lagoon is right next to Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier & is formed naturally from melted glacial water with big blocks of ice crumbling from the decreasing glacier into the lagoon. Some wash up onto nearby black sanded Diamond Beach & glisten in the sun. Seals can be seen swimming in the lagoon, by the coastline or on top of an iceberg floating in the lagoon. Iceland is also full of birdlife so you may see the arctic tern & a number of other birds in the area. As we travel up the East Coast, we’ll pass through the quaint towns of Seydisfjordur & Eskifjordur before arriving in Egilsstaair for the night, situated on the Lake                                  




FRI     29                                                                                                                   BL                          We’ll be visiting two waterfalls today - Dettifoss is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe, which flows from the Vatnajokull glacier. The sediment-rich runoff colours the water a greyish white. The Godafoss waterfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, falling from a height of 12m over a width of 30m. Our 3rd site today is Dimmuborgir Lava Field - near the shores of Lake Myvatn - consisting of huge lava rock formations which make you feel like you stepped into another world, they are a true wonder of nature. The formation of these extraordinary lava cliffs & pillars stems from molten lava & are due to an eruption some 2300 years ago. Tonight we stay in the city of Akureyri, at the base of Eyjafjordur Fjord in Northern Iceland         





SAT    30                                                                                                                   BD                            As we travel south this morning, you’ll view the beautiful scenery of West Iceland as we pass near Skaftafell National Park - fjords, hills & towns - before we embark on an ‘Into The Glacier Adventure’, a truly unique experience. You will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s greatest wilderness - Iceland’s second largest glacier - from the inside! Via the Langjokull ice tunnels, you’ll see the beautiful blue ice at the heart of an ice cap glacier. We’ll travel in a specially modified snow truck on the glacier, enjoy the glacier from above & then, journey inside the pristine blue ice via a man-made tunnel into the heart of the glacier. This will be a once in a lifetime experience!  




SUN   31                                                                                                                   BL                        Before we leave Husafell, you’ll see the little known Hraunfossar Falls - Lava Falls - a beautiful and unusual natural phenomena. Clear, cold springs of subterranean water seep through the lava & run as tiny waterfalls & rapids into the Hvita River. Blue Lagoon is our next stop for a unique spa experience, enjoying the warm lagoon water that scientific studies have shown that the Lagoon’s silica & algae have effective properties against skin aging! We head to Reykjavik for lunch & a walking tour of the capital, where you’ll see the famous Sun Voyager sculpture overlooking the bay, Hallgrímskirkja Church, the Parliament Building, Old Reykjavik Harbour, Harpa Concert Hall & the old town




JUNE 2020

MON  01                                                                                                                   BD                            The day is free for you to relax & enjoy Reykjavik - visit museums, galleries or wander this quaint city before our farewell dinner tonight              



TUE 02                                                                                                                      B                              We fly back to Copenhagen & stay overnight at the Clarion Airport Hotel



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